Focus of the Month:

Credit Valley Conservation (Sensational Senses and Guardians of Terra Cotta)

- October 11th, 2019 from 9am - 2pm

Visit to King Gardens Retirerment Home

- October 21, 2019 from 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm.


Technology & Engineering

Focus of the Month:

Lower Elementary - Introduction to Basic Algorithms

Upper Elementary - Basic Coding Concepts: Variables, Conditionals, Loops


Grace & courtesy

Focus of the Month:

Rules and procedures in the classroom and school.

How to welcome someone in the classroom, How to introduce yourself, how to offer something, and how to ask for things.


Art & Music

Focus of the Month:

History of Canada’s Group of 7 and painting a ‘Fall Scene’. (Each student will do a painting following the style of one of the group of 7 artists)

Focus of the Month:

Introduction to The Major Scale Intervals and

Introduction to Music Notation


Physical Education

Focus of the Month:


Explain the game, set the rules, run various exercises, play a game.

● Some of the different individual exercises include: Handling a basketball, bouncing the ball in place, walking and running.

Practicing throwing the ball through the hoop.

● Exercises in pairs include throwing the ball with one bounce and without bounce.


French & Spanish

Focus of the Month:

Begin the new book program in French ‘AIM : Le petit chat cherche une famille’.

Continue the Spanish program book ‘Colega I’.

Continue to practice the written form of the numbers 0 to 10.

Continue to practice the proper writing form of the date in both languages.

Review the name of the season Fall and the Colors: red, yellow, green,orange and brown.

Learn how to introduce oneself (Oral presentation).

A Focus on Mindfulness

During September and October we will be exploring the meaning of “Peace” and how a peaceful state can benefit us and those around us. We will then transition to the importance of gratitude and what that means, and we will intentionally recreate feelings of gratitude. I have introduced peace as a state where we identify ourselves as connected to one another and all living things. When we understand that we are all connected we can understand the importance of how our actions, words, behaviours, not only impact us but have a ripple effect on everyone around us. A peaceful state is one where we can practice compassion and acceptance towards each other.

  • All the techniques used in our practices are scientifically validated to empower us to build social and emotional intelligence, to build attention and focus, and to strengthen our ability to communicate and think with clarity.

Suggested Reflection:

  • Ask your child to share their perspective on peace. Listen with kindness and share your own thoughts.

  • During the month of October, start a family tradition to practice gratitude together. End the day with 3 things you are each grateful for or make this a craft activity.

- Ummul Patrawala, Trained and Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Licensed and

Certified HearthMath Resilience Mentor and Mindfulness educator.

Parent Workshops facilitated by Ummul Patrawala

Kaban is proud to support your learning by providing childminding and snacks for students during workshop.


  • To empower the family with a common language as they work together and reinforce the learnings that the children are gaining through the in-class mindfulness and resilience program.


  • This is an educational and experiential workshop where you will be guided to create a toolbox of skills that will support you in navigating various emotions that you may experience through the journey of parenting, at work or in social situations. One member per family will receive a personal Biofeedback assessment using HeartMath Institute’s, Heart Rate variability (HRV) monitor.  This will give you the ability to understand how your nervous system is performing and also demonstrate how the tools you are learning impact your physiology. 


$100/family (2 adults), and you will receive 3, 90-min group sessions; please do your best to arrange your schedule so you can attend all 3 sessions and maximize your learning and in turn share these skills with your child(ren).

Session Dates:

1. October 30, 2019 (4:30 – 6pm)

2. January 30, 2020 (4:30 – 6pm)

3. March 26, 2020 (4:30 – 6pm)