Guille Campos //  Teacher 

I always knew I wanted to be a Biologist, I grew up in a home of scientists and teachers.  After graduating I had an opportunity to work with children in an Environmental Education Center in Mexico City, this opportunity gave me another vision of what I wanted to do with my life; plant the seed of love for nature in children, giving them tools to enjoy and protect their environment.  After I became a mother I decided to develop and implement a program teaching the children how to grow vegetables and relate some science concepts with hands–on activities in the garden. The program was a success for 11 years and I left Mexico with the hope that in Canada I was going to be able to continue my journey. I can say that it was Kaban that gave me my first opportunity with my program and it was also here where I found the missing piece, Maria Montessori. My life changed since then, and it all became connected. I went back to school to become a Casa Directres and now I have the opportunity to be back at Kaban!

~ Guille