Events of the Month

  1. January 7th: First Day of School

  2. January 10th: Mindfulness and Yoga program begins (4 years old and Elementary only)

  3.  January 18th from 4pm - 5pm: NO AFTER SCHOOL | Casa + Elementary Work Fair

  4.  January 26th  from 7pm - 9pmWine and Cheese

Bake Sale

Thank you to all the families for your participation in the bake sale and also for all your donations.

The elementary children raised $807.50 with the bake sale and $418.25 during the concert raffle! We are very grateful to all the Kaban families for making this possible!  

Parent Teacher Interviews

The Giving Tree

Thank you to all the families who contributed, the Giving Tree was a complete success! We gathered a lot of hats and mitts that will be donated to the Ernestines Centre.

Winter Concert and Staff Winter Lunch

Holiday Lunch in the Classrooms

French and Spanish Cooking Class

Life at Kaban



First Aid Safety Program