Events of the Month

  1. June 1st: Kaban Montessori Garage SALE

  2. June 13th from 5pm - 6pm: Elementary Father’s day celebration

  3. June 14th from 2:30 - 3:30: Infant, Toddler, Intermediate and Casa Father's day celebration

  4. June 18th from 5pm - 6pm: French and Spanish play

  5. June 19th from 6pm - 7pm: Casa Graduation Day - the graduating children will participate in the graduation planting ceremony that has become a beloved tradition at Kaban. The newly potted plants will be placed in the children's former classrooms. 

  6. June 21 from 10am - 1pm: NO SCHOOL | Summer Concert / Graduation

  7. June 23: Parent Association - End of Year Picnic (time to be announced)

  8. June 24 - June 28 from 7:30am - 6pm: NO SCHOOL | Prep week

Celebrating Mother's Day 

Mother’s day gift preparation

Elementary Camping Trip

Rained out! = SLEEPOVER at Kaban

Raptors Fever at Kaban



Life Lab

Planting Day

Planting day with parents

Life in the Classroom


Hello Summer!

Practicing yoga, breathing and being in the moment