Events of the Month - May 2019

  1. May 9th from 5pm to 6pm: Elementary Mother’s Day celebration

  2. May 10th 2:30pm to 3:30pm:: Infants, Toddlers and Casa Mother’s Day celebration

  3. May 17th: NO SCHOOL  | PD day

  4. May 20th: NO SCHOOL  | Victoria day

  5. May 24th: Elementary camping night (Elementary students + Teachers only)

  6. May 31st : NO SCHOOL | Parent Teacher Interviews
    School will be closed all day.

  7. May 31st 2:00pm to 3:00pm: Planting Day Celebrations: 
    The children have been growing vegetables in their classrooms and they are finally ready to plant them outside! Please join us in the spring planting celebration from 2pm to 3pm

Elementary field trip to Montessori Jewish Day School to learn about their traditional Passover Ceremony

Spring Cleaning!

children will be participating in the annual clean-up-the-park event


Living Arts Center field trip


Life in the Classroom


Easter eggs and colourfull muffins!

Making recycled paper!

Planting bulbs for earth day


Birthday Celebrations!


Life after Kaban

Josie El-Rmady is a former student from Kaban Montessori School. She began her journey at Kaban at 18 months and we were sad to see her leave for middle school after 11 beautiful years with us. Josie is an incredibly creative and passionate child with a gentle heart and we are so proud to share her original song “Slow Down” with you! Click Here for the link