Events of the Month

  1. May 11th from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m: Infants, Toddlers and Casa children are going to be celebrating their Moms in the Casa playground area. Moms, make sure that you bring your running shoes and lots of energy to enjoy a marvelous afternoon with your child. Children are going to be preparing some delicious snacks too!

  2. May 18th: NO SCHOOL| Teachers will attend an all-day conference during our PD Day.

  3. May 21st: NO SCHOOL  | Victoria Day

  4. May 22nd from 4pm - 5pm: Parent Association Meeting 

  5. May 25th from Noon - 1pm: NO SCHOOL | Parent Teacher Interviews / Planting Day Celebrations: The children have been growing vegetables in their classrooms and they are finally ready to plant them outside! Please join us in the spring planting celebration from Noon -1pm. 


Did you know...

Since 1952, the Monday before May 24 has been celebrated with fireworks and festivities as Victoria Day even though Queen Victoria, whose birthday is being honored, had been dead for many years.  Throughout the British Empire in the 19th century it was the custom to celebrate the monarch’s birthday officially.  Queen Victoria ruled for so many years that Canadians got accustomed to having a holiday on the 24th of May.  And so her birthday has become a permanent Canadian holiday, except in Quebec where the holiday is called Fȇte de Dollard des Ormeaux.

Pine Classroom Grows Tomatos! 

The tomato plants in the Pine Classroom have been growing strong and healthy thanks to the love, care and dedication the children have put into their small indoor gardens!


Spring Cleaning! 

Casa children ventured out to the local park on earth day to help keep the community clean, while the toddler children helped clean the surrounding school area. 


It's growing season! 

Casa children search for earth worms in the school planters while they wait for the veggies to grow.


Friendships and Hugs!


All the children taking turns, working together to pull each other around the playground.  

We are also pleased to announce that Kaban and other Montessori schools have teamed up to sponsor the 'Montessori for the 21st century" conference, Please join us at this event!

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