Sakina Sana’a | Teacher Assistant

Sakina Sana’a //  Teacher Assistant

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. I was blessed with a family who encouraged us to learn through the experiences gained in life and travel. I moved to Singapore while I was still a teenager, graduated from an art college and started teaching as a hobby. Along the way I discovered how much I loved teaching. I then carried on exploring more possibilities and took up art and expressive therapy training. I then took up a job in a British international school in Singapore as an Art Specialist. I worked with artists and illustrators, and have used my love for art to achieve educational and developmental milestones with children. I've also worked with learning disabilities, motor and fine motor skills, as well as building up confidence through art .I have been working with children for over 12 years now and seeing a child's progress over time is what touches my heart. I always see unlimited possibilities in children as they learn, grow and teach us how to teach them better, I am so excited to explore the possibilities at Kaban!

~ Sakina