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December Newsletter


December Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. December 6th from 3:30pm - 6pm : Bake Sale

  2. December 7th from 8am - 6pm: NO SCHOOL | Parent / Teacher Interviews

  3.  December 14th from 9:30am - 1:45pm NO SCHOOL | Winter Concert (all children)

  4.  December 21st from 7:30am - 6pm Last Day of School 2018

  5. December 24th 2017 - January 4th 2018: NO SCHOOL | Winter Break  

CAMT Annual Conference, Canadian Association for Montessori Teachers


Bag to School!

A Day with the First Responders!

Remembrance Day


Elementary Students trip to Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology !

Children’s lives at school :)


November Newsletter.jpg

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. November 2nd: NO SCHOOL | P.D Day

  2. November 9th from 8am - 9am: Picture Day

  3. November 12th - 16th from 8:30am - 10amCasa and Elementary | Observation Week

  4. November 22nd from 4pm - 5pm: Infant - Toddler Movie Night

  5. November 23rd from 4pm - 5pm: Intermediate Movie Night

  6. November 26th - December 6th: Giving Tree Fundraiser

Food Drive!

Thank You to all the families that donated food for the food drive, we collected 355 pounds of food, the children are very proud of the accomplishment!

Thanks Giving Lunch!

All classrooms cooked or baked a dish to be shared with the other classrooms.  

They also brought some goodies to the office!


After the Thanksgiving Lunch, the elementary children went out to share with their community and neighbours!



Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Halloween Set up !

Having fun in the classrooms :)




Swimming and Zumbini!

How to develop independent children at home

As parents and guardians, it’s important to understand your child. Therefore as a Montessori teacher, I reach out to all my parents and let them know that what you do at home is crucial especially in the first 3 years of their lives. You need to believe and trust in your child that he can do it for himself! Do not be an obstacle in their way in order to achieve a task! Give them the opportunity to achieve, fail and succeed through repetition. Because once they achieve the task on their own... they will feel empowered! And this will enhance their confidence and self-esteem. Give them the opportunity to think, to make decisions and to face the consequences of their actions. To be independent and to be responsible for certain things at home. Allow them to move on their own. Set the fundamental foundation now before it’s too late!
— Ms. Jennifer Aparicio

Don’t forget to check out the new blog post !

“Parenting 101: Toileting Infant & Toddler” by Artemisa Gonzalez and Harpreet Singh !

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October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. First Week of October: Food Drive Begins

  2. October 8th: NO SCHOOL | Thanksgiving Day

  3. October 15th from 7:30am - 8:30am:  Cherry Infants & Maple Toddlers | Parenting 101 with Teachers

  4.  October 16th from 7:30am - 8:30am: Pine Intermediate | Parenting 101 with Teachers

  5.  October 17th from 7:30am - 8:30am:  Cedar Casa | Parenting 101 with Teachers

  6. October 18th from 7:30am - 8:30am: Olive Casa | Parenting 101 with Teachers

  7. October 19th from 7:30am - 8:30am: Oak Casa | Parenting 101 with Teachers

  8. October 22nd from 7:30am - 8:30am: Caoba Elementary | Parenting 101 with Teachers

September has been a very exciting month for Kaban as it was the beginning of our ‘Transparent Classroom Project’

From now on, all parents are invited to be a part of their child’s day by logging into their ‘transparent classroom’ accounts !

International Peace Day

Grandparents Day at Kaban!

Cedar Classroom

Grandparents Day at Kaban!

Olive Classroom

Grandparents Day at Kaban!

Oak Classroom

Grandparents Day at Kaban!

Caoba Classroom

Fun days filled with exploration and new discoveries!


Elementary Monthly Journal

Elementary Monthly Journal



Focus of the Month:

Andrew’s Scenic Acres Farm Market - September 17,2019


Technology & Engineering

Focus of the Month:

Lower Elementary: Introduction to Sequential Instructions and Debugging

Upper Elementary: Introduction to Basic Algorithms and Inputs


Grace & courtesy

Focus of the Month:

Rules and procedures in the classroom and school.

How to welcome someone in the classroom, How to introduce yourself, how to offer something, and how to ask for things.


Art & Music

Focus of the Month:

Modified contour drawing (your own hand), Draw something by drawing nothing (chair), Draw negative space around an object.

Focus of the Month:

Review of individual skills (playing technique).

Introduction to The Major Scale Pattern and Intervals.


Physical Education

Focus of the Month:

Rules: During the first month of school, rules are frequently reviewed.

Movements: Jumping, Running, Throwing and Catching different objects, Rolling, Stretching.

(Review of individual skills).


French & Spanish

Focus of the Month:

Review of vocabulary from last years workbook

for example, La Poule Mouble and Colega I.

Review numbers 1 to 10, days of the week and months, Introducing the written form in both languages.

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September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. September 2nd - 6th: NO SCHOOL | Prep Week

  2. September 6th: Orientation Morning - Meet the Teachers (Drop in between 8-12pm)

  3. September 9th: First Day of School

  4. September 20th from 10am - 10:30am: Sing Peace Around the World

  5. September 23rd from 10am - 11am: Honouring grandparents day

  6. September 24th - 27th from 10am - 11am: Casa Grandparent’s Tea Party

Elementary News

New Blog Series.jpg

Greetings Kaban Community and welcome to a new school year!

I am excited for a fresh start and feel happy to let you know I will be writing the Wellness Blog 'Your Wellness Corner' at Kaban. The Back-to-School mindset creates an ideal space and opportunity for implementing healthy habits and routines. ‘Your Wellness Corner’ is one of the ways to communicate some of these ideas, tips, and resources to help you take care of your own well-being.


So, what can you find in 'Your Wellness Corner'? You will see a post the 1st day of every month at Kaban's Blog, that will feature something different. The intention behind it is for you to take whatever works for you to develop your own well-being (wellness looks and feels different for everyone), and to share with your family, friends, and within your classroom.


From nutrition and fitness to spiritual and mental health, these posts are full of useful resources to help boost your well-being. Some examples of things you can expect at 'Your Wellness Corner' are:

  • Recipes - Healthy (or not so healthy), seasonal, and everything in between! I love sharing recipes we make at home or anything else that sounds delicious!

  • Workout and fitness ideas - I have some great tips here!

  • Mindfulness exercises, reflective questions and activities (for you and/or students)

  • Health related topics (meal planning, nutrition information, etc)


'Your Wellness Corner' is a great way to stay informed and be inspired when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to sharing ideas and best practices throughout the year with you!

- Luisa Mayhew



Elementary Newsletter - August

Elementary Newsletter - August


Elementary Monthly Journal


Focus of the months is Grace and Courtesy (Preliminary)

Such as:

Rules and procedures in the classroom and school.

How to welcome someone in the classroom, How to introduce yourself, how to offer something, and how to ask for things.

August Newsletter.jpg

August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. July 2-5:  Cooking Week

  2. July 8-12:  Dance Week

  3. July 15-19:  Water Week

  4. July 22-26:  Art Week

  5. July/August 29-2:  Water Week

  6. August 6-9:  Sports Week

  7. August 12-16:  Puppets Week

  8. August 19-23:  Art Week

  9. August 26-30:  Science Week

  10. September 9th:  School Re-opens

WATER WEEK - For those hot summer days!


Cool for the Summer :)

Arts and Crafts

July Newsletter.jpg

July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. July 1st : NO SCHOOL | Canada Day 

  2. July 2nd : Summer Program Begins

Kaban’s Garage Sale

Celebrating Father’s Day

Making presents for DAD

Zumbini - last session with parents

Bag 2 School Elementary event


French and Spanish Play

Kaban Montessori Presents:

La Obra de Teatro “La Gallina Lina” - La Piece de theatre “La Poule Maboule”

Casa Graduation


Casa & Elementary Sun awareness program

Summer Concert


Parent Association Picnic

Kaban’s Community Garden

A special thanks to Ezra and Kendra’s Grandfather, Rob, for his generous contribution and who has helped our little garden grow year after year!


Before & After

June Newsletter.jpg

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. June 1st: Kaban Montessori Garage SALE

  2. June 13th from 5pm - 6pm: Elementary Father’s day celebration

  3. June 14th from 2:30 - 3:30: Infant, Toddler, Intermediate and Casa Father's day celebration

  4. June 18th from 5pm - 6pm: French and Spanish play

  5. June 19th from 6pm - 7pm: Casa Graduation Day - the graduating children will participate in the graduation planting ceremony that has become a beloved tradition at Kaban. The newly potted plants will be placed in the children's former classrooms. 

  6. June 21 from 10am - 1pm: NO SCHOOL | Summer Concert / Graduation

  7. June 23: Parent Association - End of Year Picnic (time to be announced)

  8. June 24 - June 28 from 7:30am - 6pm: NO SCHOOL | Prep week

Celebrating Mother's Day 

Mother’s day gift preparation

Elementary Camping Trip

Rained out! = SLEEPOVER at Kaban

Raptors Fever at Kaban



Life Lab

Planting Day

Planting day with parents

Life in the Classroom


Hello Summer!

Practicing yoga, breathing and being in the moment


May Newsletter.jpg

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Events of the Month - May 2019

  1. May 9th from 5pm to 6pm: Elementary Mother’s Day celebration

  2. May 10th 2:30pm to 3:30pm:: Infants, Toddlers and Casa Mother’s Day celebration

  3. May 17th: NO SCHOOL  | PD day

  4. May 20th: NO SCHOOL  | Victoria day

  5. May 24th: Elementary camping night (Elementary students + Teachers only)

  6. May 31st : NO SCHOOL | Parent Teacher Interviews
    School will be closed all day.

  7. May 31st 2:00pm to 3:00pm: Planting Day Celebrations: 
    The children have been growing vegetables in their classrooms and they are finally ready to plant them outside! Please join us in the spring planting celebration from 2pm to 3pm

Elementary field trip to Montessori Jewish Day School to learn about their traditional Passover Ceremony

Spring Cleaning!

children will be participating in the annual clean-up-the-park event


Living Arts Center field trip


Life in the Classroom


Easter eggs and colourfull muffins!

Making recycled paper!

Planting bulbs for earth day


Birthday Celebrations!


Life after Kaban

Josie El-Rmady is a former student from Kaban Montessori School. She began her journey at Kaban at 18 months and we were sad to see her leave for middle school after 11 beautiful years with us. Josie is an incredibly creative and passionate child with a gentle heart and we are so proud to share her original song “Slow Down” with you! Click Here for the link


April Newsletter.jpg

April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. April 8th from 7:30am - 8:30am: Infant Toddler Parenting 101

  2. April 9th from 7:30am - 8:30am: Intermediate Parenting 101

  3. April 10th from 7:30am - 8:30am: Cedar Parenting 101

  4. April 11th from 7:30am - 8:30amOlive Parenting 101

  5. April 12th from 7:30am - 8:30amOak Parenting 101

  6. April 25th from 7:30am - 8:30amElementary Parenting 101

  7. April 18th: Clean up in the park

  8. April 19th: NO SCHOOL |Good Friday

  9. April 22nd: NO SCHOOL |Easter and Earth Day

Elementary Swim Program Starts

Zumbini with Parents

Elementary Field trip to ‘All the Wild Gallery’

Earth Hour + Environmental Initiatives at Kaban!

For an hour all the lights in Kaban were turned off as the children celebrated and learned about earth hour


Earth Hour at Home!

Life in the Classroom


March Newsletter.jpg

March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Events of the Month

  1. March 1st: Re-enrollment packages Due 

  2.  March 11th - 15th: NO SCHOOL | March Break

  3. March 18thSchool re-opens

  4. March 20thSwim program begins

  5. March 23th (9:00 am - 1:00 pm): Open House

Teacher Workshop

New Material Arrives!

Thank you for all the donations!!


Valentines Lunch