Events of the Month

  1. November 2nd: NO SCHOOL | P.D Day

  2. November 9th from 8am - 9am: Picture Day

  3. November 12th - 16th from 8:30am - 10amCasa and Elementary | Observation Week

  4. November 22nd from 4pm - 5pm: Infant - Toddler Movie Night

  5. November 23rd from 4pm - 5pm: Intermediate Movie Night

  6. November 26th - December 6th: Giving Tree Fundraiser

Food Drive!

Thank You to all the families that donated food for the food drive, we collected 355 pounds of food, the children are very proud of the accomplishment!

Thanks Giving Lunch!

All classrooms cooked or baked a dish to be shared with the other classrooms.  

They also brought some goodies to the office!


After the Thanksgiving Lunch, the elementary children went out to share with their community and neighbours!



Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Halloween Set up !

Having fun in the classrooms :)




Swimming and Zumbini!

How to develop independent children at home

As parents and guardians, it’s important to understand your child. Therefore as a Montessori teacher, I reach out to all my parents and let them know that what you do at home is crucial especially in the first 3 years of their lives. You need to believe and trust in your child that he can do it for himself! Do not be an obstacle in their way in order to achieve a task! Give them the opportunity to achieve, fail and succeed through repetition. Because once they achieve the task on their own... they will feel empowered! And this will enhance their confidence and self-esteem. Give them the opportunity to think, to make decisions and to face the consequences of their actions. To be independent and to be responsible for certain things at home. Allow them to move on their own. Set the fundamental foundation now before it’s too late!
— Ms. Jennifer Aparicio

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